Xbox Game Pass Title House Flipper Explained

A core element of the Xbox Game Pass service is the periodical adding and taking away of attractive titles that are available via the service to keep things fresh. One such title that was recently added to Game Pass was House Flippera game that has a lot to offer to potential players.

An indie title, House Flipper was originally released in 2018, and has received lots in the way of additional content via DLC in the years following its release. Being a simulator-type game, House Flipper is massively engaging and addictive, making it a title that definitely should not be overlooked on Xbox Game Pass.


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The Core Details of House Flipper

House Flipper is a simulation game that sees players spearhead their very own house renovation business. Starting at the more modest end of the real estate ladder, players can purchase houses, clean them, and furnish them with full creative freedom, all with the end goal of eventually selling the house at an overall profit.

Like other simulator games such as Truck Simulator, any earned profits that a player amasses can be spent on upgrades and equipment to expedite and improve the process for any future ventures. As a player progresses, the scale and values ​​of the properties that they will be dealing with rises drastically, adding an addictive level of tangible progression to the title.

As previously mentioned, the content available within House Flipper has been expanded in the form of DLC over the years. One of the largest DLC expansions that the title has seen came with the Garden Flipper DLC, which released in 2019. The expansion added a whole other element to the House Flipper formula, extending the gameplay from being solely house-oriented to also include extensive gardens that can be maintained and renovated to increase a property’s value.

House Flipper is developed by Empyrean and published by Frozen District and PlayWay SA The companies involved in the game are known for creating simulator titles that have wackier and more flamboyant elements to them, as opposed to the more grounded simulator titles such as Farming Simulator.

The Details of House Flipper Coming to Game Pass

House Flipper was officially added to the very successful Xbox Game Pass service on June 30, being a welcome addition to the massive roster of titles that the monthly subscription service boasts. With Game Pass subscribers now able to download and play the game for free, they can also fully purchase the title and its many DLCs at a discounted price.

Through Game Pass, House Flipper is available on both console and PC for free, and is also available to play through Microsoft’s pioneering Cloud Gaming service. Through the cloud, Game Pass subscribers will be able to stream House Flipper instantly through a secure internet connection, eliminating download times and allowing the game to be beamed to laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

While offering a lot in the way of unique and relaxing gameplay, House Flipper also boasts 35 achievements and 1,285 gamerscore for players to work towards the base game and its DLC. With the sheer amount of content and replayability that House Flipper contains, its surprise addition to the Game Pass service is sure to be a welcome one for fans. Considering that the high-profile Far Cry 5 was also added to Game Pass on July 1, it is clear to see why the Game Pass service is commanding and sustaining so many active subscribers.

House Flipper is available to play on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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