What is Lymphedema? Fans concerned as Wendy Williams reveals she can feel only ‘5 percent of her feet’ in worrisome TMZ interview

Wendy Williams recently opened up about her health struggles and future career endeavors during an interview with TMZ Live.

As her longtime talk show came to an end, Williams confirmed that she is “100 percent retired” from TV shows:

“Excuse me, I am 100 percent retired in “The Wendy Williams Show”, and I do not want to be on TV, except for guest hosting.”

Williams said she is looking forward to starting her own podcast or even a sneakers line for people suffering from lymphedema, a condition the TV star struggled with for several years.

While mentioning her health issues, Williams asked hosts Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere if they were aware of the condition of lymphedema. When the anchors replied that they were not, the TV personality revealed her heavily swollen feet on camera and said:

“All right, you don’t know lymphedema? All right, I’ll show you. Ok, lymphedema is this. Do you see this right here? look. No, look closely.”

Williams also mentioned that she can only feel “five percent” of her feet and is supposed to be confined to a wheelchair but isn’t:

“Do you see this? It’s up and down. I can only feel maybe five percent of my feet. Do you understand? Which means, normally, I would be in a wheelchair. I’m not in a wheelchair. I stand up.”

Wendy Williams shares an effect of her disease Lymphedema to @TMZ, saying she can only feel 5% of her feet. https://t.co/K7ROWmXf6K

Despite her health struggles, Williams jokingly told the interview hosts that she was doing better than them.

A look into Lymphedema


Lymphedema is a condition that occurs when the tissues in certain parts of the body swell up due to accumulated protein-rich fluid that is otherwise drained through the lymphatic system.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition mainly occurs in the arms and legs but can also affect the chest wall, abdomen and neck. In severe cases, it can cause issues in the movement of the affected limb, resulting in skin changes and breakdowns. It can also increase the risk of skin infections and sepsis.


The most common signs of lymphedema include swelling of the arms or legs, a heavy and tight feeling, fibrosis or thickening of the skin, restrictions in the range of motion and recurring infections.

Treatment of the condition includes massage, careful skin care, compression bandages, compression stockings and sequential pneumatic pumping. In rare cases, it can also involve surgery to remove swollen tissue or create new drainage routes.

Fans express concern about Wendy Williams’ health condition

Fans are left concerned over Wendy Williams'  health condition (Image via Getty Images)
Fans are left concerned over Wendy Williams’ health condition (Image via Getty Images)

Wendy Williams’ health issues have sparked concern among her fans ever since she took a break from her eponymous program to focus on her medical problems.

She initially planned to return to The Wendy Williams Show in September 2021 but could not make a comeback after testing positive for COVID-19.

Williams was also undergoing treatment for her autoimmune Graves’ disease and even had to do a psychiatric evaluation at one point.

More recently, Williams left fans worried after revealing her worsening lymphedema during an interview with TMZ.

Several fans took to Twitter to share their concerns for the broadcaster:

Wendy Williams is really going through some tough things

Was that really Wendy Williams foot?? Omggggg

I just saw an interview with Wendy Williams & it made me incredibly sad. SHAME on the people who are still trying to make money off her. There is something seriously wrong with her & quite frankly, those around her should be investigated. wow. It’s bad.

Yeah Wendy isn’t mentally well there’s no way the “normal” or “regular” minded We day would have put her foot up like that for all to see Jesus can she even walk now with that? Sighh how the great fall ayyy 😫🥴😭#WendyWilliams https://t.co/DCvnrwYwGF

I really miss Wendy Williams on tv.I hope she is ok

#WendyWilliams I’m going to miss you on TV. Been waiting for you to return. I don’t know how to listen to podcasts but for you, I will learn. Please continue to take care of yourself.

Oh my days that Wendy Williams interview 💔☹️

Im not sure a podcast is the best thing for Wendy Williams right now. She just needs to take time to recuperate, recharge, & really heal from the loss of her mother, her husband, and the show

Despite her health battles, Wendy Williams is ready to take the next step in her career. After the end of her talk show, she has now decided to venture into podcasting.

Williams told TMZ Live:

“A podcast, of course. Which will make me more money for me than my TV show. When you’re famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing the Wendy Williams Show.”

Williams added that she “bowed out gracefully” from her 13-season long journey as a TV show host. She even revealed that she had an “amicable split” from the Debmar-Mercury production company.

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