Twitter long-form text feature and how it works

Explained: Twitter long-form text feature and how it works

Twitter has been a platform for users who like to consume news-related content or put forth their opinion on various topics. The microblogging site allows users to give and take real-time updates on what’s happening around them. Summarising the content in 280 characters (earlier 140 characters) can become difficult at times when you have ample things to deliver and fewer characters in hand.

Twitter has now come up with a new feature that allows users to write long-form text which has no character limit. This feature will be available under the ‘Write’ section where users can create individual notes.

The tech giant is currently working on this feature called Notes which was announced in a tweet on June 22, 2022. Twitter had revealed in its tweet how the Notes would work with just 2 GIFs. The micro-blogging site has also mentioned that this feature is currently being tested by writers in the US, UK, Canadaand Ghana.

How will Twitter’s long-form text feature work?
There will be a separate section by the name of Notes which will allow Twitter users to write long-form texts in the ‘Write’ tab. The content can be further embedded into a tweet to publish later. As the name suggests, users can write long-form content on Twitter with other relatable tweets, images, and videos all amalgamated into one piece.

How do ‘Thread’ and ‘Notes’ differ?
One could argue by saying that there already exists an option of long tweets by chaining multiple tweets together in the form of ‘thread’. However, with Notes, Twitter would directly encourage the long-form text format along with small tweets which would still continue.
The long-form text feature is yet to arrive in regions like Indiabut if the feature happens to gain popularity in the regions it is operating currently, then it should not take too long.

From characters to words: Twitter goes long-form
When Twitter was launched – back in 2006 – one of its USP was short-form content. Users could tweet only 140 characters – some found it useful, whereas others thought it really limited the scope of expressing an opinion. Twitter heard the complaints and expanded the character limit to 280 characters in 2018. However, now Twitter is going beyond characters and moving into the territory of words. With the Notes feature, users will be able to write as many as 2,500 words. Do keep in mind that the title of the Notes has to be restricted under 100 characters.

How can users find Notes on Twitter?
Twitter explained how users can find Notes to read on Twitter, “Note cards will appear in your timeline just like other Tweets when they are Tweeted, Retweeted or Quote Tweeted by someone you follow. Once a Note is published by a writer, the Note will have a unique URL, which people can navigate to whether or not they are logged in to Twitter. For writers included in our test, you can visit their Twitter profile (on web only), and see the Notes they have published under the new Notes tab. ”

Is it possible to reply to a Note?
The company has also explained how users can reply to a tweet, “You can interact with a Note card in the same ways as you would with a regular Tweet. However, after selecting a Note card to read an article, it is not currently possible to react to or reply to a Note from the article itself. ”

How to edit a Note after it’s published?
Apart from finding and replying to a Note, users can also edit the Note even after publishing it. Here’s what Twitter says about this, “Yes, the writer of a Note will be able to edit it after it has been published. Readers will be able to tell that a Note has been edited by the Edited label at the top. Writers participating in the test are required to adhere to the Twitter Rulesand to include updates in their Notes informing readers about changes they have made to the Notes in a consistent manner with best practices for online editing of the published content. ”



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