Colonial Towns.

Olanchito, The Civic City.

It is an old Spanish settlement hidden away in quite literally the middle of nowhere; so tucked away, out of sight and unmentioned, that I would bet money most visitors to Honduras have and will never hear the name ‘Olanchito’. Little Olancho. Nevertheless, despite it’s punishing location – miles away from anywhere – remote asContinue reading “Olanchito, The Civic City.”

Copan, home of The Maya.

Copan is itself a department (region) with three different major towns which are named: Santa Rosa de Copan, La Entrada de Copan and finally – as well as most famously – Copan Ruinas. This post shall discuss the latter; a place which has recently become my new home – as of September 2020. Within theContinue reading “Copan, home of The Maya.”

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