‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Amazon Prime’s anticipated page-to-screen adaptation, The Summer I Turned Prettybased on the book series of the same name by To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before author Jenny Han. Before even premiering, the show received a Season 2 renewal, so fans can expect Belly and the rascal Fisher boys to return within the next few years. The show received a wide viewership, becoming Amazon Prime’s #1 show that week, even surpassing the acclaimed The Boys season 3 premiere.

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The cast of The Summer I Turned Pretty is full of many newcomers and upcoming actors who have been seen in minor roles in other projects, so it makes everything all the more exciting as fans meet the characters come to life from words on a page.


Lola Tung – Isabel “Belly” Conklin

Lola Tung stars as Isabel Conklin, otherwise known as Belly to her close family and friends. As Belly visits Cousins ​​Beach for another year (and as another year older), things aren’t quite the same as they used to be, and she’s turning a lot of heads as she matures into the woman she dreams of becoming—or so she thinks! This is Tung’s first professional credit, since she had just graduated from LaGuardia High School in New York City and went to study Acting at the acclaimed Carnegie Mellon University (where she is still enrolled) before being cast in The Summer I Turned Pretty and taking the year off.

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Considering her newfound fame at the age of 19, phenomenal acting skills, and being on board for a Season 2, she could return to school or simply continue professionally acting. Nevertheless, Tung has a bright future ahead of her, and The Summer I Turned Pretty fans should be on the edge of their seats waiting for what she accomplishes next.

Gavin Casalegno – Jeremiah Fisher

Gavin Casalegno plays Jeremish Fisher, the “golden retriever”-type of boy who is not afraid to let loose and have fun. Casalegno began acting at the age of 7, and he’s gathered a good number of credits over the past 15 years including portraying a young Damon in The Vampire Diaries, Trevor Strand in TV series Walker, and other roles in shorts or video productions.

He has also dabbled in a bit of directing, serving as the second assistant director on a short film titled 3 Days Closer. Casalegno is also an avid TikToker and is quite active on social media, so fans should definitely and try to interact with the young star.

Christopher Briney – Conrad Fisher

Christopher Briney plays the closed-off, brooding, and overprotective Conrad Fisher, an older brother to Jeremiah who is withholding a bit of information to keep everything in the house stable for the summer. Briney is also fairly new to the industry, with this being his first TV series for the actor.

He received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Acting for Film, TV, and Theater from Pace University in New York City in 2020, and was quickly “booked and blessed” in The Summer I Turned Pretty series. Briney will also be seen in Dali Land, a film starring Ben Kingsley about Salvador Dali.

Sean Kaufman – Steven Conklin

Sean Kaufman plays Belly’s older brother Steven, an extremely overprotective and dedicated teenage boy. He is best friends with Jeremiah and Conrad, and works hard at the country club to earn money to keep up with his girlfriend, Shayla.

This is also Kaufman’s first leading role in a TV series, but he was seen in FBI: Most Wanted in 2020 and Manifestin 2018. As of now, there is no information on future projects, but he will be returning to the role of Steven for Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

David Iacono – Cam

The notorious “Cam Cameron” (or simply Cam) is played by none other than David Iacono. Iacono is miraculous as he brings the dorky-yet-charming Cam to life in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Iacono is no newcomer to the business—he’s been a part of multiple films and series.

Also graduating from LaGuardia High School, Iacono was seen in the 2019 filmJoker, Grand Army as Bo Orlov, The Flight Attendantas Eli Briscoe, andCity on a Hill as Faust, to name only a few of his many credits. He is currently filming Helvellyn Edge and has joined the cast of Cinnamon.

Jackie Chung – Laurel Conklin

Jackie Chung plays Laurel, Belly and Steven’s mom (and another motherly figure to Conad and Jeremiah). Chung has been a working actor for years, collecting many credits along the way.

Chung has been seen in Station 19 as Margaret Chen, Someone Else as Kat/Yoo Jin, and Grey’s Anatomyas Cleo Kim. Chun will be seen in The Translators, a short where she will be playing a Mother.

Rachel Blanchard – Susannah Fisher

Rachel Blanchard is a Canadian actress who plays Susannah, the mother of Conrad and Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Susannah is most well-known for her role as Cher in the sitcom version of clueless, Nancy in the British sitcom peep show, Emma in You Me Her, Kristin in Deep Water, a recurring role in Fargo, and that is solely naming a few of her professional credits.

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