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Abner Maldonado. Photographer.

Hailing from the capital Tegucigalpa, Abner Maldonado is a perfect example of a young, talented Honduran with a gigantic amount of potential in his possession. We, at Lempira Times, thought it entirely appropriate to bring his endeavours to light via our website. On speaking to the young man, he explained his passion for photography andContinue reading “Abner Maldonado. Photographer.”

David Garcia. Educator.

I recently took the time to interview an esteemed ex-colleague of mine by the name of David García Hércules. As his sirname ‘Hercules’ might suggest, he is indeed a ‘heroic’ young man given his admirable mission of educating fellow Hondurans; a task – he is absolutely passionate about. The bold David and a couple ofContinue reading “David Garcia. Educator.”

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