200 year anniversary of Honduras!

As of Wednesday, on the 15th of September 2021, the resplendant, magical and sovereign Republic of Honduras shall enjoy its grand anniversary of 200 years as an independant nation. Precisely 200 years ago, on the 15th September 1821, Honduras gained independance from the Spanish empire, as did all Latin American nations in a successive chain.…

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Two low-cost airlines looking to operate out of Honduras.

Two low-end, international airlines are interested in opening up flights in and out of Honduras in the next couple of months, according to Wilfredo Lobo, Director of the Agencia Hondureña de Aeronáutica Civil. Both the Mexican company ‘Volaris’ and the US company ‘Jetblue’ are reportedly interested in operating within Honduran airports from either October or…

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Honduran swimmer triumphs in Japan.

The Honduran swimmer Julimar Ávila has gracefully qualified for the 200 meter butterfly semi-finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As if that alone were not enough, she also broke the national record in this category with a time of 02: 15.36. Julimar is the first ‘Catracha’ swimmer to ever qualify for the semifinals in…

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Puma caught on camera!

A fully-grown, adult Puma prowled through an African palm plantation and was captured by a citizen in the village of Cuyamelito, Omoa, in the department of Cortés. The video, filmed on a simple mobile phone camera, was released on social networks and surprised hoards of internet users who then highlighted the danger of coming face…

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