New Drawing Tools and Contact Pictures are Coming to Telegram for iOS

New drawing tools and contact pictures are coming to Telegram for iOS. The newest Telegram version enables users to exchange encrypted material and includes an image editor that allows users to add custom text and emoticons to their uploaded photographs.

It’s the final version of 2022 for the popular instant messaging service Telegram, and it only improves the platform’s use. The most current edition of Telegram includes bug updates and several new features and capabilities, including zero storage consumption, new sketching tools, and the opportunity to change profile photographs for contacts.

New Drawing Tools and Contact Pictures are Coming to Telegram for iOS

The most recent version of Telegram is available in the Apple App Store. Here’s a rundown of the app’s most notable improvements since it first became available for the iPhone. New animated and dynamic emojis are just one of the many improvements that Telegram has introduced, along with the ability to hide group members.

Confidential Information

Telegram now supports sending of secret media. Sharing a photograph or clip with a shimmering overlay is an option, with the layer dissolving as soon as the recipient views the file. The ability to deliver media as a surprise to a friend or family member is a wonderful addition.

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Select one or more files from your computer, then use the “Hide With Spoiler” option in Telegram’s attachment menu to cover them up with a shimmering layer before sending them.

Users with No storage

This is a fantastic addition for Telegram users whose mobile devices have little storage space. Using this function, your media may be uploaded to Telegram’s cloud and retrieved anytime. Users may now choose between daily, weekly, and monthly automatic deletion of cache material to free up internal storage. This is done by adjusting the cache size (how much space Telegram can consume).

Recently developed sketching instruments.

Telegram’s new drawing tools include:

  • A haze tool.
  • The ability to add text to photos.
  • The ability to add unique emojis to images.

Improved Profile Picture Options

Personalize your contacts’ profiles by adding only an image you will see. Your public profile image will be shown with your name and other public information.

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