Mishkat Verma on SRK, Akshay in tobacco ads: They aren’t moral science teachers

Mishkat Verma is making his TV comeback after a gap of two years, this time, getting sandwiched between his traditional Gujarati mom and his American wife in the new TV show, Anandi Baa Aur Emily. “Totally like how many of the guys are after marriage, at least in our country,” he says. Also read: Suniel Shetty says he has never had tobacco in his life

The actor, who shot to fame as Raj Purohit with his debut show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, was last seen in Divya Drishti. Anandi Baa Aur Emily revolves around a typical Gujarati family in which Mishkat plays Aarav, who is the apple of his mom’s eye and has only one dream in life – to go to America. But his mother never wants to see his dream fulfilled and Emily becomes his only ticket to America. Ask him if he has ever faced such a situation in real life and the actor replies, “No, no. They are very happy with whoever I am with.”

Television world seems to be treating Mishkat well and he has no complaints about how things have been for him. He says, “I haven’t been through any struggle of that kind. I belong to Mumbai and live with my parents. I have strong family support in my career, my basic needs are very well looked after. It does take time to sign a show and work to come my way but my other requirements are very well met. Luckily, I don’t face any struggle like those who come from other cities, they pay rent for accommodation and give their entire salary to the owner. My parents do a lot for me, I am very lucky that way.”

What does he look for in roles then. He says without batting an eyelid, “I look for the channel and the production house that’s making it and the role I am offered, if it’s the leading part or not. Also, the money I am being offered is what I look for.”

The actor has become a familiar face on television with his shows like Nisha Aur Uske Cousins, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Ichhapyaari Naagin, Laal Ishq and Shaadi Ke Siyape. However, he is not harboring a dream to make it big in Bollywood, unlike many of his TV friends, and is happy doing what he does best. “I am not at all awestruck by films, if they come, well and good; if they don’t, its absolutely fine. I am happy doing television for the rest of my life. TV is the number one medium for me. I would rather do a fantastic film, else I am happy doing TV,” he says.

Mishkat started with modelling, went on to feature in a soft drink commercial and bagged a television show soon after. He is aware of the trolling faced by celebrities over the commercials they feature in, like endorsements for tobacco brands. He refuses to judge them for the same. He says, “It’s the personal choice of an actor. He is an actor, not a moral science teacher. The viewer should also use their mind. If an actor is endorsing a tobacco brand but is doing several other good things apart from that, its your fault if you are judging him for that ad. If Shah Rukh Khan has featured in a tobacco ad, he also does a lot of philanthropic work and charity, Akshay Kumar also does so much charity. We must not try to hold on to it or bring them down. Look at the right things they do.”


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