Mount Celaque.

It is a nation teeming in natural beauty. Inland Honduras, is predominantly mountainous or covered in on-going hill terrain. These heavily forested mountains stretch up into the clouds, whereupon one can actually see the tops of Pine trees poke out through the misty haze. The haze gathers upon each and every mountaintop. They form lowContinue reading “Mount Celaque.”

Tegucigalpa's Hill Towns.

Within the heavily forested outskirts of the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa, nestled high up in the hills, there lie three wonderfully quaint and traditional towns, which are Valle De Angeles, Santa Lucia and Ojojona. I can only but thoroughly recommend a visit to all three of these communities. Valle De Angeles. This gorgeous colonial town wasContinue reading “Tegucigalpa's Hill Towns.”

Pico Bonito.

I came across these old photos and instantly thought they might fit well on the blog; given that they perfectly exhibit the natural beauty of Honduras. These were taken whilst we (a group of international volunteers and I), hiked the Pico Bonito national park. A truly captivating series of waterfalls were encountered during our trek. Such placesContinue reading “Pico Bonito.”

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