How To Unlock The Crown Idol Costume In Fall Guys

The latest event in Fall Guys allows players to unlock the Crown Idle costume by completing challenges. Unlock this costume before the event ends.

The latest event in Fall Guys provides players an opportunity to unlock the Crown Idol costume for free through gameplay. In recent weeks, Fall Guys has had crossover events with other game titles. This week, they have an event for in-game cosmetics that does not require any purchases through the store.

This week’s challenge is called The Idol Games. This event comes with its own playlist and set of in-game challenges. Players will get rewards throughout the event by completing challenges. The ultimate reward for completing all challenges is the Crown Idol costume.

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The new playlist that comes with The Idol Games event in Fall Guys is called Ring Hexathlon. This playlist consists only of the Hex-A-Ring game, which is typically a final-round game for players. Instead, players will compete in three rounds of this same game, eliminating a specific number of players in each round.

Complete Challenges For The Crown Idol Costume In Fall Guys

Fall Guys: All Abstergo Challenges (& Rewards)

There are a total of ten in-game challenges Fall Guys, and each challenge is worth 100 stars. The ten in-game challenges are as follows:

  • Play Any Round in Ring Hexathlon: 0/1
  • Win Ring Hexathlon: 0/1
  • Reach Round 3 in Squads Show: 0/1
  • Reach the Final Round in Squads Show: 0/1
  • Win Squads Show: 0/1
  • Reach Round 3 in Duos Show: 0/1
  • Win Squad Duos Show: 0/1
  • Reach Round 4 in Solo Show: 0/1
  • Reach the Final Round in Solo Show: 0/1
  • Win Solo Show: 0/1

Players have the option to select multiple playlists at once while searching for games in Fall Guys. Players should select Ring Hexathlon, Squads Show, Duos Show, and Solo Show to quickly get opportunities to complete these challenges in any order. Once all challenges from a specific playlist are completed, the player can remove that Fall Guys playlist from the search options.

Each completed challenge will reward the player with 100 stars that can be used to unlock the following cosmetic items:

  • Idol Games Athlete Nickname: Unlocks at 200 stars
  • 200 Kudos: Unlocks at 300 stars
  • Idol Games Athlete Nameplate: Unlocks at 500 stars
  • Crown Idol Costume (Bottom): Unlocks at 800 stars
  • Crown Idol Costume (Top): Unlocks at 1000 stars

It is possible for players to complete all ten challenges and unlock the full Crown Idol Costume in only four shows. However, to do so, the player would need to win each of the four shows in the four different playlists. The good news is that players have until July 18 to complete all these challenges and secure the Crown Idol Costume Fall Guys.

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Fall Guys is available now on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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