The Great Writer.

Ramon Amaya Amador, was born in Olanchito in the department of Yoro (https://lempiratimes.com/2021/01/11/olanchito/). After being educated in La Ceiba, he laboured on the banana plantations of the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras. He published his first work in the year 1939. Amaya became a journalist in 1941 for El Atlántico (The Atlantic), a La Ceiba newspaper. In October 1943 he founded a weekly magazine in OlanchitoContinue reading “The Great Writer.”

Honduran Hero.

I recall summiting one particular gargantuan hilltop within the Mount Celaque region of Lempira department, western Honduras. A waterfall erupted majestically from across the deep gorge lying between the opposite mountain and I. Filled with admiration, it was like gazing at a never-ending oil painting – I myself, could simply not believe the number ofContinue reading “Honduran Hero.”

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