Goals and Highlights: France 1-2 Israel in U-19 European Championship 2022 | 06/28/2022

6:07 PM29 minutes ago

Goals and Highlights

3:57 PM3 hours ago

96 ‘

France eliminated by Israel in this U19 European Championship

3:53 PM3 hours ago

93 ‘

Israel was looking to create danger, but the referee signals offside.

3:47 PM3 hours ago

87 ‘

Change from France. Virginius comes off for Cisse.

3:44 PM3 hours ago

83 ‘

Changes in Israel. Lugasi and Gloch are replaced by Edri and Ifrah.

3:39 PM3 hours ago

79 ‘

Tchaouna’s shot, but the ball is deflected by the defense.

3:34 PM3 hours ago

73 ‘

Valera’s shot down low, but Tzarfati ends up keeping the ball.

3:29 PM3 hours ago

69 ‘

Israel changes. Navi and Turgeman are replaced by Kancepolsky and Ebraheim.

3:26 PM3 hours ago

65 ‘

Pereira’s left-footed shot deflected by the defense

3:22 PM3 hours ago

61 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for France! Virginius sends in a lethal shot to cut France’s lead.

3:21 PM3 hours ago

59 ‘

Double change for France. Diouf and Abdoullah Bah are replaced by Bondo and Adeline.

3:20 PM3 hours ago

56 ‘

Goal, goal, goal by Israel! Kancepolsky sent in a lethal header to increase the lead

3:11 PM3 hours ago

51 ‘

Da Silva’s shot, but the ball is deflected by the goalkeeper.

3:06 PM3 hours ago

45 ‘

The action resumes for the second half.

2:49 PM4 hours ago

45 + 3 ‘

At the end of the first half, Israel surprises and wins by the minimum after the first forty-five minutes.

2:42 PM4 hours ago

41 ‘

Close! Tchaouna’s shot is saved by the goalkeeper, then they counter-attack but to no avail.

2:36 PM4 hours ago

35 ‘

France change. Zoukrou is replaced by Bonny.

2:36 PM4 hours ago

34 ‘

Tchaouna fails to get a good header on the cross.

2:30 PM4 hours ago

29 ‘

Goal, goal, goal by Israel! Gloch’s dangerous cross and Toure ends up putting the ball into his own net.

2:28 PM4 hours ago

27 ‘

France dominates the game, but fails to convert their dominance into a goal.

2:21 PM4 hours ago

20 ‘

Varela’s attempt to enter the opponent’s area, but the defense makes a good cover and avoids his shot.

2:14 PM4 hours ago

13 ‘

Virginius volleys but the ball goes wide of the goal.

2:09 PM4 hours ago

0 ‘

The match is back and forth, with both teams looking to generate danger.

2:04 PM5 hours ago

0 ‘

France and Israel kick off the action in Slovakia.

2:00 PM5 hours ago

Israel: LineUp

T. Tzarfati; R. Revivo, O. Israelov, S. Lemkin, I. Feingold; E. Kancepolsky, I. Madmon, A. Lugasi, O. Gloch, T. Abed; A. Abraham.

1:59 PM5 hours ago

France: LineUp

TR. Lo-Tutala; B. Pereira, Y. Zoukrou, O. Camara, S. Touré; W. Bondo, M. Adeline, F. da Silva; A. Virginius, L. Tchaouna, J. Semedo.

1:52 PM5 hours ago

To the court

Both teams are already warming up before the start of the match that will define the second finalist.

1:47 PM5 hours ago


France is already in Slovakia’s stadium and will be looking for a victory and to qualify for another final.

1:42 PM5 hours ago


Israel will be looking for the feat, in addition to never having beaten France, they will be looking to reach a final.

1:37 PM5 hours ago

Watch out for this player

to their area, in addition to accumulating two goals, he is one of the most dangerous players in the opponent’s goal.

1:32 PM5 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Loum Tchaouna has four of the eleven goals that have been scored by the French national team, so Israel will have to pay special attention to this player.

1:27 PM5 hours ago

Watch out for this player!

Loum Tchaouna has four of the eleven goals that have been scored by the French national team, so Israel will have to pay special attention to this player.

1:22 PM5 hours ago

Watch out for this

France arrives at this stage with 11 goals scored and only 2 conceded, making it one of the best offenses in the tournament.

1:17 PM5 hours ago

Watch out

France will be looking to start the match in an intense and aggressive manner, seeking to repeat the dose of past matches when they scored two goals before halftime.

1:12 PM5 hours ago

Historic duels

These teams have met eight times, five of these duels have ended in France’s favor and three in a draw, with the Israel team failing to emerge victorious on any occasion.

1:07 PM5 hours ago

We’re back!

Good afternoon, we are back for the minute-by-minute coverage of the France-Israel match. We will shortly share with you the starting lineups as well as the most relevant information.

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Stay tuned for the France vs Israel live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for France vs Israel live, as well as the latest information from the Mol Aréna Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

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How to watch France vs Israel Live Stream on TV and Online?

12:52 PM6 hours ago

What time is the match France vs Israel match of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship Semifinal?

12:47 PM6 hours ago

Last lineup Israel

18 T. Tzaefati; 2 I. Tomer; 4 S. Lemkin; 5 S. Edri, 12 R. Revivo; 8 I. Madmon, E. Kancepolsky, 15 T. Abed, 10 O. Gloch, 11 A. Lugasi; 9 D. Turgeman.

12:42 PM6 hours ago

France’s final lineup

16 Yann Lienard, 20 Ousmane Camara, 2 Tanguy Zoukrou, 18 Jordan Semedo Varela, 19 Brayann Pereira, 8 Bondo Warren, 14 Andy Diouf, 15 Florent Da Silva, 10 Loum Tchaouna, 11 Lamine Cisse, 17 Abdullah Ba.

12:37 PM6 hours ago

How does Israel fare?

12:32 PM6 hours ago

How does France arrive?

12:27 PM6 hours ago

The match will be played at the Mol Aréna Stadium.

The France vs. Israel match will be played at the Mol Aréna Stadium located in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia. The stadium has a capacity of 12,700 people.

12:22 PM6 hours ago

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