‘Escape From Tarkov’ expands Lighthouse map following wipe

Escape From Tarkov is set to expand the Lighthouse map, rework certain skills and add new weapons with the upcoming patch, which will follow a wipe.

Sharing the patch notes online, Battlestate Games confirmed the update will bring with it three new bosses who are “the commanders of the ex-USEC PMC group known as Rogues.”

The leader of the gang is Knight, “who coordinates the actions of the entire group and specialises in assault operations” while Birdeye “maintains distance between him and the enemy, setting up ambushes and choosing positions with a clear line of sight to the area.

Then there’s Big Pipe who “prefers the grenade launcher and serves the role of massive firepower in battle and always rushes towards the enemy to reach combat distance.”

According to the notes, whenever an enemy is detected by any of the bosses or rogues, information will be transmitted to everyone by radio. It’s also confirmed that “Bosses help each other, use all available weapons, and are hostile to everyone: players of any faction, scavs, and raiders. They don’t communicate with the rest of the bosses, so they attack any enemy immediately. Killing them does not affect the player’s reputation. ”

The new Escape From Tarkov bosses will patrol the Lighthouse, the Shoreline, the Woods, and Customs. “They do not stay in one place and instead wander through these locations all the time. If the bosses have moved to one of the maps, they will be absent on the others. There is no timetable for their movement and no one knows what the bosses are guided by when changing their location, ”so stay alert.

The new Escape From Tarkov patch also sees the elite Strength skill effect reworked. “Now, weapons equipped on sling, on back, and in the holster become weightless. All other equipment and item weight in chest rigs, backpacks, pouches, and secured containers is counted normally. Before this change, all equipment and weapons were weightless. ”

The patch also brings with it an offline co-op mode for all players who purchased the Edge Of Darkness pre-order edition alongside reworked movement animations, new daily tasks for player scavs and a variety of new weapons and graphical improvements. Check out the full patch notes here.

The installation of the patch started earlier today (June 29) and should be finished in the next few hours. It’s been confirmed there will be a wipe with the patch.

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