Dr Disrespect Teases Line of Gamer Shoes

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect, known for his signature violence, speed, and momentum, might be teasing his own line of gamer-focused footwear.

It seems like every week YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect finds his way into the gaming news, and it is not hard to understand why. The six-foot eight-inch gaming personality is making a name for himself not only by playing games but also by making them. In addition to his AAA development studio known as Midnight Society, the Doc recently hinted at expanding his brand in an exciting albeit unusual direction with a possible new piece of gaming merchandise.


There are many gaming-specific items and accessories on the market today. For example, gamers can pick all sorts of gaming chairs and desks to accommodate their specific needs, and there are even drinks marketed specifically for gamers claiming to improve performance. In addition to these items, gamers can purchase footwear themed around some of their favorite video games, such as Pokemon. Recently, the Doc expressed his interest in making his own line of gamer shoes.

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While gamer shoes might not seem like the first thing players would want when gearing up for a late-night gaming session, Dr Disrespect appears to be arguing otherwise. During a recent live stream, the Two Time ran a skit where he received a call on his infamous flip phone. With the Doc’s typical production flair, the camera cut to show him in a phone booth where he was supposedly talking to footwear and apparel company Nike. During the conversation, Dr Disrespect could be heard telling the company that he played with “a lot of speed and athleticism.”

After asking what the company wanted, it was revealed that Nike wanted to make “custom Dr Disrespect gaming shoes.” Following a brief pause to consider the proposition, the Doc responded, saying that he thought it was a “great idea.” He continued to talk about the appeal of the shoes. “Yes, I think there’s a demand,” he said. He then pointed out how many gamers “play in their socks,” which can be an issue when the ground gets cold. According to the streamer, this would solve that issue.

It is worth noting that nothing has been confirmed regarding a gamer shoe deal between Dr Disrespect and Nike. It is likely that this could just be one of the Two Time’s over-the-top skits. That being said, many members of his gaming audience are hoping that Dr Disrespect-themed gamer shoes will become a reality. Among the comments, one fan of the YouTube streamer known as MrRanchero on Twitter wanted to preorder the shoes if they ever are sold. In addition, a Twitter user by the name of Captain Kasai simply said, “How dare we do this @Nike.”

This would not be the first time the Doc has made a deal with another brand. For example, Dr Disrespect recently partnered with Mountain Dew, where he received his own Game Fuel flavor. Time will tell if fans of the Two Time will be able to wear Dr Disrespect kicks in the coming months.

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