El Porvenir.

Initially called the village of Juan López, the area is now known as the municipality of El Porvenir. The word Porvenir could be translated into English as perhaps a ‘beneficial future’, which is what was intended for its inhabitants. The Municipality of El Porvenir was founded on April 18th, 1898, under the administrative management ofContinue reading “El Porvenir.”

The Garifuna communities of Tela.

Tela, boasts seven Garifuna communities (see article: They are better known locally as Los Morenales. ‘Moreno‘ – interestingly, means to be ‘bronzed’ in Spain. A moreno or morena is a person of slightly darker, bronzed skin. Notably those from the hot south – Andalusia. Here in Honduras, a moreno is a kinder, more respectfulContinue reading “The Garifuna communities of Tela.”

Sambo Creek.

Sambo Creek, a warm, inviting and entirely traditional Garifuna settlement placed about 15 kilometres (9 miles) east of the large, steamy city of La Ceiba – is a gorgeous Caribbean hideaway. Holding their annual fair in June, Sambo Creek boasts the largest Garifuna population within Honduras and is something of a celebrated place for these admirable people. Trips toContinue reading “Sambo Creek.”

Tela, Caribbean delight.

Tela sits, quite calmly, within a wide bay on the north coast of Honduras. It is indeed a ‘troubled’ nation – yes, yet to offer a more positive description – this is one of extraordinary beauty. This beauty can be seen in its mountains or on it’s beaches yet in particular within it’s people. TheContinue reading “Tela, Caribbean delight.”

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