Salvadoran President Bukele assists Honduras.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced last Saturday (7/11/2020) that he would send a force of 200 rescuers, as well as machinery and food packages worth two million dollars in a heroic gesture to help those affected by the heavy rains in Guatemala and Honduras. “Our brothers in Guatemala and Honduras need help. That is whyContinue reading “Salvadoran President Bukele assists Honduras.”

Hurricane ETA strikes Honduras.

Since Sunday November 1st 2020, the heavy rains caused by the ominent hurricane ETA have begun to wreak havoc on the Caribbean coastline of this beautiful nation. Images and videos taken by both citizens and news crews are showing terrible flooding within the neighborhoods of Tela and La Ceiba as well as chaos on theContinue reading “Hurricane ETA strikes Honduras.”

Time to defend the Garifuna!

Three Garífuna land defenders were kidnapped in the northern coastal community of Triunfo de la Cruz, situated within the Bay of Tela. Snider Centeno, Milton Martínez and Suany Álvarez were all taken from their homes by heavily armed men in what local leaders say is the latest attack against the community by the governmentContinue reading “Time to defend the Garifuna!”

Costa Rican Charm.

We stand upon the beach. My companion and I. Completely caught by the scenery, not a word is exchanged. Rapid photo taking ensues. Releasing my Apple iPad mini from a satchel, I immediately set about capturing the densely forested hills and deep blue, Pacific waters out beyond. ‘Coco’ boasts some spectacular beaches. This relatively large, heavily North AmericanContinue reading “Costa Rican Charm.”

Beneath Jesus. San Juan Del Sur.

San Juan Del Sur, southwestern Nicaragua. Here lies an exquisite pearl – a Central American gem. Loved by all manner of traveller, from older Canadian couples to young, French backpackers, this Pacific coast surfer’s town eagerly awaits any outsider.  A wide bay, forms a semi circle from San Juan’s famed cliff top statue of Jesus Christ to the lush, greenContinue reading “Beneath Jesus. San Juan Del Sur.”