Sealife of Honduras.

More than 220 different species have been recorded in Honduran waters and those around the Bay Islands, which form a part of the most extensive barrier reef within the entire northern hemisphere. The species found include whale sharks, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, West Indian Manatee, spotted eagle ray and yellow stingray. Other peculiar and rare creaturesContinue reading “Sealife of Honduras.”

Animals of Honduras

The following gallery shall provide a glimpse of some of the most prized and celebrated wildlife encountered within the nation of Honduras. The flora and fauna of Honduras represents the country’s geographical position, for this a nation submerged in the heart of the tropics. Diverse species of plants and animals have adapted here yet tragically, someContinue reading “Animals of Honduras”

Birds of Honduras with Frank Rovelo.

Another close and cherished friend of mine is the courageous Francisco Rovelo; an extremely intelligent and talented young man from the capital Tegucigalpa, who can play the guitar and sing you the rock song of your choice before telling you in either English or Spanish about any bird that you care to mention. A seasonedContinue reading “Birds of Honduras with Frank Rovelo.”