A scuba-diver’s concerns.

The big lie about our reefs … In Tela (https://lempiratimes.com/2020/02/23/tela-caribbean-delight/) we have been blessed with great natural resources, extensive forests, a unique botanical garden in Latin America, beautiful beaches and healthy coral reefs. Yet this vast and beautiful natural heritage has been disappearing over time; the forests have been cut down, the botanical garden isContinue reading “A scuba-diver’s concerns.”

The passing of a beautiful woman.

One minute I was holding the door open for her, receiving a lovely smile and cheery “muchas gracias joven” (thank you very much young man) and the next, I sat gazing in sheer disbelief at one’s Whatsapp messages, as my colleague Eduard, informed me: “Pamela died in a car crash at sunrise…” “No… no fuckingContinue reading “The passing of a beautiful woman.”

Guatemala City

Despite having resided in Honduras for half a decade, I had somehow never crossed the border into Guatemala before. Friends and aquaintances raved about the neighboring nation, with almost everyone who spoke of it stating what a wonderful place it was. Destinations such as Antigua were highly regarded as was the capital city, which aContinue reading “Guatemala City”