Photo shoot in Costa Rica.

Upon my third trip to Costa Rica (September 2019), a nation famed for its natural beauty, I had set out with the intention of practicing my photography skills. The first scenes that I decided to capture, were those viewed around a gigantic lake, which – unfortunately, I haven’t a clear idea as to its nameContinue reading “Photo shoot in Costa Rica.”

Costa Rican Charm.

We stand upon the beach. My companion and I. Completely caught by the scenery, not a word is exchanged. Rapid photo taking ensues. Releasing my Apple iPad mini from a satchel, I immediately set about capturing the densely forested hills and deep blue, Pacific waters out beyond. ‘Coco’ boasts some spectacular beaches. This relatively large, heavily North AmericanContinue reading “Costa Rican Charm.”

Beneath Jesus in Nicaragua.

San Juan Del Sur, southwestern Nicaragua. Here lies an exquisite pearl – a Central American gem. Loved by all manner of traveller, from older Canadian couples to young, French backpackers, this Pacific coast surfer’s town eagerly awaits any outsider.  A wide bay, forms a semi circle from San Juan’s famed cliff top statue of Jesus Christ to the lush, greenContinue reading “Beneath Jesus in Nicaragua.”

Central America Tours.

After stopping for a coffee with my best friend, one Edward Padilla – a thorough character, he told me all about his brilliant weekend in Nicaragua. Edward and his group conducted a tour, which took them from across the Honduras/Nicaragua frontier and all the way down to the grand, historical cities of Leon and Granada.Continue reading “Central America Tours.”