Best Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Hulu/Prime Video July 9-10, 2022

As summer continues, both Hulu and Prime Video have added plenty of titles to their respective streaming libraries to keep entertaining audiences looking to beat the heat. From Hulu debuting a new, star-studded original movie subverting expectations on period pieces to loads of fan-favorite movies, both digital platforms are impressively stacked. And CBR is here to help audiences sort through the extensive libraries for the perfect movie to check out during their downtime.

Here are all the best and biggest shows and movies to stream on Prime Video and Hulu this weekend, with plenty of new and old classics to sit down and enjoy.

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House of Gucci Revels in the Spectacle of a Scandal

One of the most buzzed-about movies during this past award season was the Ridley Scott film House of Gucci, based on Sara Gay Forden’s book about the power struggle for the Gucci fashion brand. Starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver as married couple Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci, respectively, the two square off for control of the fashion empire in the wake of patriarch Rodolfo Gucci’s death. And the Academy Award-nominated movie is now available to stream on Prime Video to watch the scandal-ridden saga in full.

After marrying into the Gucci family, Patrizia immediately sets out to maneuver in leveraging her and Maurizio’s stake in the family business. However, more than just rampant deception and public posturing, Patrizia resorts to murder in order to get what she wants. A stylishly sordid tale backed by an all-star cast, House of Gucci is entertainingly dirty in all the right ways.

The Princess Makes Her Royal Debut on Hulu

One of the biggest Hulu original releases of the month is the new movie The Princess, blending period piece drama and action movie sensitivities. Starring Joey King as the eponymous regent, the movie has the princess step up to save her family from a rival royal family. And somehow, that transposition of modern action movie tropes into a medieval setting elevates the proceedings.

Powered by a winning performance from King, The Princess is a genre blend at its best and subverts what a period piece can be. Directed by Le-Van Kiet, the movie has effectively frenetic cinematography during its action sequences as the princess battles for the fate of her family. For a fun twist on historical action, The Princess is unlike any medieval flick you’ve ever seen before.

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Clerks Is Open for Business on Prime Video

This past week saw fan-favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith unveil a set of posters and the first trailer for Clerks IIIthe eagerly anticipated sequel to his classic 1994 comedy Clerks. Reuniting unassuming store clerks Dante and Randall as they run a convenience store in suburban New Jersey, the sequel has the lifelong best friends deal with middle age and a burgeoning cinematic career. And for those looking to revisit the original movie, Clerks is available to stream on Prime Video.

The 1994 movie has Dante and Randall live a typical day in their menial labor jobs of tending to their neighboring stores. Dealing with a constant flow of tedious customers and hijinks to keep from being bored out of their minds while at work, Dante and Randall embodied the boredom of a generation of slackers. Launching Smith’s career, the original Clerks continues to loom large in the filmmaker’s catalog of raunchy comedies set within his shared cinematic universe.

Kung Fu Hustle Dances Its Way onto Hulu

One of the most popular, creative minds in Hong Kong cinema today is filmmaker Stephen Chow, with his keen eye for both comedy and action. Chow’s 2004 masterpiece Kung Fu Hustle is now available to stream on Hulu as one of the most original martial arts movies in recent memory. For those that are looking for the perfect kung fu film to check out over the weekend, Chow’s classic hits all the right notes.

Kung Fu Hustle stars Chow as Sing, a small-time criminal who tries to impress a local gang in 1940s Shanghai. Learning of the gang’s true nature, Sing steps up to defend a small neighborhood and learns about his martial arts destiny. Wearing his cinematic influences on his sleeve, Chow crafted his magnum opus with Kung Fu Hustle and made an enduring masterpiece.

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Hot Fuzz Reports for Duty on Prime Video

With all of the action movies available to stream on Prime Video, it can be easy to see all the formulaic tropes that define the genre. It’s the genre’s tendency to go over the top with high-octane aplomb that makes the 2007 action-comedy Hot Fuzz all the more effective. Helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Edgar Wright, the movie stylishly sends up the buddy-cop genre, with direct nods to bad boys and point break while boldly forging its own path.

Simon Pegg stars as superstar police constable Nicholas Angel assigned to a small English town after frustrating his superiors in London. However, Angel and his fellow constable Danny Butterman quickly discover that this quiet town isn’t all that appears, holding its own bloody secrets. The perfect chaser for a long-action movie binge, Hot Fuzz remains one of Wright’s strongest films to date.

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