Beginner Tips For Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an FPS game (otherwise known as a first-person shooter game) within the popular Wolfenstein franchise. Many players have been able to enjoy this game after it was released on Steam, due to having a more available release for everyone who wants to play the game.

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Of course, there are many players who would need to have a few beginner tips before they can be able to properly delve into the game. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory can be a difficult game to get into at times, and some players would need some advice first to get them on the right track.

7 Players Can Revive After Death

Although a player can easily end up with their HP at 0 if they are not experienced enough at the game, thankfully they will not immediately die. A player will be able to be saved as long as there is a doctor on their team nearby.

However, if the player does not want to be immediately revived, or wants to respawn, they can simply press the space bar on their keyboard. The player will then enter spectator mode until their blue counter reaches 0, and then they will respawn; it is good for a player to know that reviving is possible.

6 Play Around with Classes And Main Weapons

Players will be able to select their class and their main weapon before they are taken into the area that they will be fighting and exploring. This is something that a player should mess around with, especially when choosing their main weapon.

A player should continue to experiment with which weapon they want to use at what point, as each weapon plays a different way from the other. It might take a bit of tinkering, but eventually, a player will find something that works the best for them and feels the most natural.

5 Get Used To The UI

The UI of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory may be a bit daunting for newer players to get used to. After all, there are multiple stats to keep track of (such as the amount of stamina a player has, their health bar, and so on and so forth).

It would be a good idea for a player to get used to the UI in action. It will be relatively quick for a player to pick it up, but it is daunting without knowledge. A player should especially learn how to use the mini-map, which is in the upper right corner of their screen.

4 Communication Is Key

A player should really learn to communicate with their fellow players if they want to succeed in the game. A player communicating with their teammates will ensure that everyone knows who’s doing what, and who needs help.

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Players should agree on which medics will go into specific areas, or should tell everyone that an enemy is starting to progress somewhere, for example. It will be great for a player to hash out their game plan with everyone else, and ensure that everyone is working together to succeed in the game.

3 Read Through The Map

The map will be a player’s best friend half of the time. It will do a player good to learn how to read through the map and make plans with it in order to figure out the best and quickest path to a specific destination.

A player should really figure out where specifically they want to go at any point of time in the game. They can do this by studying their map intensely, plotting out their route based on the paths shown on their map, and strategizing the quickest way from Point A to Point B.

2 Engineers Are Very Important

In a player’s haste to try and coordinate their allies before getting into the match, the player may not realize that they need to have at least a few engineers in their arsenal. The engineer is actually very important and has a skill set that can be very useful.

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The engineer can set up the teammates around them, fixing up tanks and whatnot. At the very least, players should remember to protect engineers and ensure that they are able to properly do their job; this will ensure the survival of the team and the completion of many missions.

1 Stealth Is Important

Although this is not a one size fits all type of advice, it is still good to know that being stealthy more often than not is a good idea. It would be bad for a player to immediately make themselves known and risk getting shot, or worse.

However, sometimes, a player just doesn’t have the time to be stealthy. There will be times when fans will be faced with the fact that they are running out of time and they need to get their objective done as soon as possible, a player will have to barge in, guns blazing, and go crazy on the enemy.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is available on Linux, Microsoft Windows, AROS Research Operating System, MorphOS, and Macintosh operating systems.

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