Sambo Creek.

Sambo Creek, a warm, inviting and entirely traditional Garifuna settlement placed about 15 kilometres (9 miles) east of the large, steamy city of La Ceiba – is a gorgeous Caribbean hideaway. Holding their annual fair in June, Sambo Creek boasts the largest Garifuna population within Honduras and is something of a celebrated place for these admirable people. Trips toContinue reading “Sambo Creek.”

Honduran Hero.

I recall summiting one particular gargantuan hilltop within the Mount Celaque region of Lempira department, western Honduras. A waterfall erupted majestically from across the deep gorge lying between the opposite mountain and I. Filled with admiration, it was like gazing at a never-ending oil painting – I myself, could simply not believe the number ofContinue reading “Honduran Hero.”

Desert island village.

Google Drive, pleasantly surprised me, as I stumbled across some old photos. I had completely forgotten about having stored so many. These particular ones, were taken a few years ago as I explored the Garifuna island communities of the Cayos Cochinos. Please see a previous article covering this utterly resplendant paradise: These following photosContinue reading “Desert island village.”

Gracias, ‘a nice part of the world’.

Upon reaching the flat tops, by summating one of the many mountains in this wild, vast expanse of hill terrain, the Spaniards made rest after they had periled through their long, arduous trek taken in the name of imperial exploration. The soldiers were exhausted after climbing hilltop after hilltop, most likely done so in theContinue reading “Gracias, ‘a nice part of the world’.”