Amapala, The Pacific Beauty.

A searing, dry heat pierced through one’s skin, as my capitalino friends and I touched dark, volcanic sands after having stumbled upon a most cozy, little beachside restaurant rested between an inlet and some forested hills. We desired a traditional maritime lunch, perhaps some fried fish, shrimps and such. Local beers, did not go amissContinue reading “Amapala, The Pacific Beauty.”

The Great Writer.

Ramon Amaya Amador, was born in Olanchito in the department of Yoro. After being educated in La Ceiba, he laboured on the banana plantations of the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras. He published his first work in the year 1939. Amaya became a journalist in 1941 for El Atlántico (The Atlantic), a La Ceiba newspaper. In October 1943 he founded a weekly magazine in Olanchito called Alerta (Alert).Continue reading “The Great Writer.”

“A man, not afraid to die.”

José Francisco Morazán Quezada (born: Tegucigalpa, October 3rd, 1792 – died: San José de Costa Rica, September 15th, 1842), was a Honduran military official and politician who ruled the Federal Republic of Central America during the turbulent period of 1830 to 1839. He rose to fame after his victory at the Battle of La Trinidad,Continue reading ““A man, not afraid to die.””

Costa Rican Charm.

We stand upon the beach. My companion and I. Completely caught by the scenery, not a word is exchanged. Rapid photo taking ensues. Releasing my Apple iPad mini from a satchel, I immediately set about capturing the densely forested hills and deep blue, Pacific waters out beyond. ‘Coco’ boasts some spectacular beaches. This relatively large, heavily North AmericanContinue reading “Costa Rican Charm.”

Beneath Jesus. San Juan Del Sur.

San Juan Del Sur, southwestern Nicaragua. Here lies an exquisite pearl – a Central American gem. Loved by all manner of traveller, from older Canadian couples to young, French backpackers, this Pacific coast surfer’s town eagerly awaits any outsider.  A wide bay, forms a semi circle from San Juan’s famed cliff top statue of Jesus Christ to the lush, greenContinue reading “Beneath Jesus. San Juan Del Sur.”

Birds of Honduras with Frank Rovelo.

Another close and cherished friend of mine is the courageous Francisco Rovelo; an extremely intelligent and talented young man from the capital Tegucigalpa, who can play the guitar and sing you the rock song of your choice before telling you in either English or Spanish about any bird that you care to mention. A seasonedContinue reading “Birds of Honduras with Frank Rovelo.”