It was the infamous Christopher Columbus who landed in what is now present-day Trujillo on August 14th, 1502, during his fourth and final voyage to the Americas ( Columbus originally named the area “Punta de Caxinas”. It was also his first touch upon Central American soil. He and his followers noticed how the waters in thisContinue reading “Trujillo.”

Time to defend the Garifuna!

Three Garífuna land defenders were kidnapped in the northern coastal community of Triunfo de la Cruz, situated within the Bay of Tela. Snider Centeno, Milton Martínez and Suany Álvarez were all taken from their homes by heavily armed men in what local leaders say is the latest attack against the community by the governmentContinue reading “Time to defend the Garifuna!”

Ignorance, stupidity or cowardice?

I warn you in advance dear reader, that this is going to be a long post. There is an awful lot to say. This was the tweet posted by a one Doctor Hugo Fiallos, on July 16th 2020. He took the outrageous liberty of addressing Honduran youth, imploring the next generations of an entire nationContinue reading “Ignorance, stupidity or cowardice?”

The ‘Football War’.

By 1968 the López Arellano regime seemed to be in serious trouble. The economic situation was producing growing labor conflicts, political unrest, and even criticism from conservative groups such as Fenagh. Municipal elections were held in March 1968 to the accompaniment of violence and charges of open fraud, producing PNH victories but also fueling publicContinue reading “The ‘Football War’.”

A decade of tension.

The relative peace that Honduras had enjoyed for nearly two decades was shattered by a series of events during the year 1954 – president Gálvez’s last year in office. Tension throughout the region had been increasing steadily as a confrontation developed between the left- leaning government of President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán in Guatemala and theContinue reading “A decade of tension.”