Honduran swimmer triumphs in Japan.

The Honduran swimmer Julimar Ávila has gracefully qualified for the 200 meter butterfly semi-finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As if that alone were not enough, she also broke the national record in this category with a time of 02: 15.36. Julimar is the first ‘Catracha’ swimmer to ever qualify for the semifinals inContinue reading “Honduran swimmer triumphs in Japan.”

The passing of a beautiful woman.

One minute I was holding the door open for her, receiving a lovely smile and cheery “muchas gracias joven” (thank you very much young man) and the next, I sat gazing in sheer disbelief at one’s Whatsapp messages, as my colleague Eduard, informed me: “Pamela died in a car crash at sunrise…” “No… no fuckingContinue reading “The passing of a beautiful woman.”

Puma caught on camera!

A fully-grown, adult Puma prowled through an African palm plantation and was captured by a citizen in the village of Cuyamelito, Omoa, in the department of Cortés. The video, filmed on a simple mobile phone camera, was released on social networks and surprised hoards of internet users who then highlighted the danger of coming faceContinue reading “Puma caught on camera!”

Abner Maldonado. Photographer.

Hailing from the capital Tegucigalpa, Abner Maldonado is a perfect example of a young, talented Honduran with a gigantic amount of potential in his possession. We, at Lempira Times, thought it entirely appropriate to bring his endeavours to light via our website. On speaking to the young man, he explained his passion for photography andContinue reading “Abner Maldonado. Photographer.”

David Garcia. Educator.

I recently took the time to interview an esteemed ex-colleague of mine by the name of David García Hércules. As his sirname ‘Hercules’ might suggest, he is indeed a ‘heroic’ young man given his admirable mission of educating fellow Hondurans; a task – he is absolutely passionate about. The bold David and a couple ofContinue reading “David Garcia. Educator.”

Guatemala City

Despite having resided in Honduras for half a decade, I had somehow never crossed the border into Guatemala before. Friends and aquaintances raved about the neighboring nation, with almost everyone who spoke of it stating what a wonderful place it was. Destinations such as Antigua were highly regarded as was the capital city, which aContinue reading “Guatemala City”

Wise words from a taxi driver.

I took a battered old taxi from one part of San Pedro Sula to another on a typical oven-like afternoon. This is a sun-sizzled ciudad… The middle-aged driver was as battered as his rusty, dilapidated vehicle. He charged a fair rate however, so off we went – without my giving it much thought. The conversationContinue reading “Wise words from a taxi driver.”

We ran out of words.

In Honduras, it appears that the words used to describe “something bad” in relation to the government have now been exhausted. The reaction emoji of “I am amazed” on facebook posts has been deployed in total disuse for the negative actions of the Government; people give a “laughing emoji” to the corruption, therefore the cynicismContinue reading “We ran out of words.”

Olanchito, The Civic City.

It is an old Spanish settlement hidden away in quite literally the middle of nowhere; so tucked away, out of sight and unmentioned, that I would bet money most visitors to Honduras have and will never hear the name ‘Olanchito’. Little Olancho. Nevertheless, despite it’s punishing location – miles away from anywhere – remote asContinue reading “Olanchito, The Civic City.”