Celebrating the life of a Honduran actor and producer.

By Ben Anson Source: La Prensa. The Honduran Industry of Cinematography confirmed last Friday (January 29th) that the actor, producer and businessman Felipe Zepeda passed away. “We are profoundly sorry to announce that our friend and cinema enthusiast Hector Felipe Zeleda has passed away; he left a permanent print of service and dedication on everyContinue reading “Celebrating the life of a Honduran actor and producer.”

We ran out of words.

In Honduras, it appears that the words used to describe “something bad” in relation to the government have now been exhausted. The reaction emoji of “I am amazed” on facebook posts has been deployed in total disuse for the negative actions of the Government; people give a “laughing emoji” to the corruption, therefore the cynicismContinue reading “We ran out of words.”

Honduran female sports clothes designer triumphs in USA.

By Ben Anson. Source: Honduras Tips. Gabriela Bandy, of only 26 years, is a true national pride, since she has managed to launch her first line of sportswear; thanks to the great fame rendered from her social media networks and avid passion for exercise. This young woman has arguably become an example of what theContinue reading “Honduran female sports clothes designer triumphs in USA.”

Olanchito, The Civic City.

It is an old Spanish settlement hidden away in quite literally the middle of nowhere; so tucked away, out of sight and unmentioned, that I would bet money most visitors to Honduras have and will never hear the name ‘Olanchito’. Little Olancho. Nevertheless, despite it’s punishing location – miles away from anywhere – remote asContinue reading “Olanchito, The Civic City.”

Salvadoran President Bukele assists Honduras.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced last Saturday (7/11/2020) that he would send a force of 200 rescuers, as well as machinery and food packages worth two million dollars in a heroic gesture to help those affected by the heavy rains in Guatemala and Honduras. “Our brothers in Guatemala and Honduras need help. That is whyContinue reading “Salvadoran President Bukele assists Honduras.”

Hurricane ETA strikes Honduras.

Since Sunday November 1st 2020, the heavy rains caused by the ominent hurricane ETA have begun to wreak havoc on the Caribbean coastline of this beautiful nation. Images and videos taken by both citizens and news crews are showing terrible flooding within the neighborhoods of Tela and La Ceiba as well as chaos on theContinue reading “Hurricane ETA strikes Honduras.”

The Honduras over here and the Honduras over there.

In Honduras, there is a saying, which does indeed cause some humor amongst Hondurans – that is: “el Honduras de aqui y el Honduras de alla.”  The Honduras over here and the Honduras over there.  Now, why such a saying? It is owed mostly to the grand differences one notes between life, people and ambienceContinue reading “The Honduras over here and the Honduras over there.”