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“The moment that I disembark (from a plane), I notice that everything in my body and in my mind readjusts”, so remarked Gabriel Garcia Marquez – when speaking of his relationship with the Caribbean. He felt the strongest physical and mental connection with this part of the world and deemed it as far as ‘grave’ and immensely ‘dangerous’ for him to leave its zone. Only here, did ‘Gabo’ feel ‘right’ in himself. Honduras, does for me – precisely what the Caribbean did for Marquez. A resplendent yet troubled nation, that I have been decidedly unable to part with ever since 2014. I thus seek to capture its essence through the written word.

A forever-growing journalist, editor, photographer, writer and blogger; who also turns his hand to some tour-guiding, teaching and translating, I seek to bring my beloved Honduras to life upon this site ‘Lempira Times’. It is of the utmost importance for me to portray this beautiful nation in a positive light, as well as the surrounding region.

What People Say

“Ben, I really enjoy your chronicles about your stay in Honduras. Our people need many more eyes like yours … Greetings.”

Rose, Cuban writer at Havana Times.

“Very few times, have I encountered somebody like you, who in a short time, three months, captured so much about a country and its people. I am glad that you made it to Honduras and thank you for your service to my country.”

Paul, Honduran expat residing in the USA.

“I love what you write! Makes me miss Honduras so much!”

India, ex-volunteer in Honduras of Scottish nationality.

Tela. Favourite place . A view of the bay during the evening.

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