A genuine yet ground-breaking series by Walt Disney Animation Studios

Baymax! on Disney+ has returned with its adorable, caring, and efficient robo-nurse after an eight-year long wait. While Baymax first appeared on the big screen in 2014’s Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 alongside Hiro Hamada, it is claimed that the movie is loosely based on a Marvel comic book of the same name.

The miniseries or series of shorts, Walt Disney Animated Studios’ first TV creation, explores the life of the titular balloon-shaped hero who roams around the city of San Fransokyo, attending to anyone or anything suffering from a “medical emergency.” Baymax is equipped with all kinds of emotions, services, and a great deal of wisdom which he uses to teach his patients a life lesson or two.

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While it’s safe to say that the miniseries is a perfect child-friendly watch, there are several other notable aspects in its six-episode run that must be kept in mind.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead

why Baymax! on Disney+ scores high on the progressive quotient

In a commendable attempt to encourage diversity in children’s literature and entertainment, Walt Disney Animation Studios has created Baymax! with a range of LGBTQ+ figures. The miniseries introduces the subject of menstruation, a trans man shopping for tampons, and a gay romance.


In the third episode, Baymax runs into a panic-stricken Sofia in the school’s all-gender restroom. She has just got her first period and although she refuses Baymax’s help, the caring robot goes to the store to get pads, tampons, and other supplies for the 12-year-old. After considering a lot of options, he returns with a truck load of products.

The episode shows a transman helping Baymax out in the tampon aisle. The robot also picks up things free of bleach, some tampons designed specifically for first periods, and other items that a dad shopping for his daughter advises. He also picks up some environment-friendly pads that a woman excitedly recommends.

It took Baymax! a hot minute to demonstrate the significance of discussing menstruation and young girls dealing with life-changing processes for the first time. When Sofia is at a loss for what to do and spouts forth tears of agony, Baymax’s explanations and discussions with the pre-teen helps her out. The discussions will also prove useful for multiple young viewers in dealing with their first-times.

Arriving right in time before Pride Month draws to a close, in another episode of the series, Baymax helps Mbita pursue something that he has long been afraid to take-up. After Mbita let go of the old food truck, the titular robot encourages the man to pursue a romance with Yukio.

Subtle impactful goal: Baymax! addresses issues that have long been withheld from children

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The subtlety of the hero’s ways of helping people in their time of need is what makes Disney’s Baymax! a perfect watch for family nights. The fluffy healthcare robot is the embodiment of an ideal, adorable, caring, and selfless being who will keep the world before him if that’s what it takes for him to care for others.

The show’s straightforward tangent, while also incorporating inclusivity at its best, has taken the world by surprise. In its simple yet demanding tone, the miniseries aims to discuss topics like queer rights and menstruation, that have been kept away from children’s ears for far too long.

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