Two low-cost airlines looking to operate out of Honduras.

Jetblue, one of the interested airlines.

Two low-end, international airlines are interested in opening up flights in and out of Honduras in the next couple of months, according to Wilfredo Lobo, Director of the Agencia Hondureña de Aeronáutica Civil.

Both the Mexican company ‘Volaris’ and the US company ‘Jetblue’ are reportedly interested in operating within Honduran airports from either October or December of this year.

These two airlines were greatly motivated to orchestrate an expansion into Honduras after a law was passed which permitted for Honduran nationals to travel on low-cost flights.

The Ramon Villeda Morales Airport in Lima; just outside of San Pedro Sula, which operates 24/7, appears as the most likely potential base for the aforementioned airlines.

In related news, ‘Palmerola’ is a new, heavily-anticipated airport currently under construction near the colonial city of Comayagua.

Needless to say, aviation in Honduras is enjoying a successful and exciting year in 2021.

Published by Ben Anson

Young writer with a passion for Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

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