Puma caught on camera!

A fully-grown, adult Puma prowled through an African palm plantation and was captured by a citizen in the village of Cuyamelito, Omoa, in the department of Cortés.

The video, filmed on a simple mobile phone camera, was released on social networks and surprised hoards of internet users who then highlighted the danger of coming face to face with such a big cat.

The Pumas inhabiting Honduras are known locally as ‘con color’, and are amongst the largest predators within the Mesoamerican region.

Specialists pointed out that a Puma’s role in an ecosystem is vital; large carnivores perform key ecological functions through predation due to their territorial demands and requirements for an adequate prey base.

The video

It is however, extremely good to see that these remarkable creatures are still “out and about” in their natural habitats here in Honduras.

Published by Ben Anson

Young writer with a passion for Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

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