Abner Maldonado. Photographer.

Hailing from the capital Tegucigalpa, Abner Maldonado is a perfect example of a young, talented Honduran with a gigantic amount of potential in his possession. We, at Lempira Times, thought it entirely appropriate to bring his endeavours to light via our website. On speaking to the young man, he explained his passion for photography and touched on some further points.

Abner in action

Following text translated from the original Spanish.

“Well… I love photography because I can express what I am feeling through things and people. The poses and the combination of colors and light exposures within a photograph – say a lot. Hence, I like art photography more. What inspires me to do photography are my feelings… I grow and feel that each photographic style creates a different phase. One of my biggest dreams within the audiovisual area is to be able to finish my cinematography project where I am involved in the general/artistic direction and photography. I hope to both express myself and deliver my very best within this project.

Unfortunately in Honduras there is not much support for freelancers like me from the state, but there are always private companies which give you a lot of support within this area as well as some other people who work independently such as the designers, musicians, painters and models. As a photographer, they give one the opportunity to perform and develop more in this area. In Honduras there is a lot of talent and I feel that people really support each other honestly, which is indeed the most beautiful thing about the experience.

Photography in Honduras is very good… there is a lot of talent within the country,” He concluded with.

We wish Abner much success and may he gain recognition for his talents both within Honduras and abroad!

Link to Abner’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paperbael/?fbclid=IwAR3buFir701D3PfJTHK9C0ia0-0sntX9gzPgN7jRZf6N6OQV8h032F-1eCE

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