David Garcia. Educator.

I recently took the time to interview an esteemed ex-colleague of mine by the name of David García Hércules. As his sirname ‘Hercules’ might suggest, he is indeed a ‘heroic’ young man given his admirable mission of educating fellow Hondurans; a task – he is absolutely passionate about.

David García Hércules

The bold David and a couple of equally inspired partners of his have set up what continues to be a successful online languages academy by the name of Do It Learning Center. They are experts in the arena of English language teaching.

Interview between Ben Anson and David García.

Ben (interviewer): What is your mission or vision for ‘Do It’?

David: The mission is to transform local people’s reality in a positive way via their participation in our educational process. The vision is to innovate and lead educational practices at both a national and international level, thus moulding our students into individuals who meet global educational standards in the English language as well as possessing other qualities in life.

Ben: What made you want to work in education?

David: Our team considers that through education we can transform and better the circumstances of many people in our country as well as the Central American region, by offering the possibility to study English – a global language, at an accessible price with quality teachers.

Ben: Why is education so important in Honduras, in your opinion?

David: Our nation suffers from many ills yet at the same time it has much potential; it is important to create the neccessary conditions in which one can live in a dignified way in Honduras, which requires a collective effort to be made – involving those in education. I hope that those of us who have chosen this profession may lead these changes in the future…

Ben: How did you establish your business?

David: There are three of us who founded this enterprise – Ibeth, Viviana and myself. Our business commenced in the year 2020; we thought that we would begin operating with in-person classes yet the very week that we were about to rent a classroom space – the Coronavirus appeared! Then the lockdown began. We wouldn’t give up however and so we created materials and a platform of our own from which to teach online. We changed the plan but not the goal.

The Team

Ben: How successful have you been so far?

David: We feel grateful that many have supported our business; we believe that we can measure this success because we have students hailing from all the regions of Honduras, other Central American nations and some South Americans as well.

Ben: How many students are there currently?

David: We boast a considerable number of students that permit us to employ a total of fifteen individuals in our business.

Online classes in action via Zoom

Ben: What are your goals for the Academy?

David: Our goals are clear, we want to position ourselves as the pioneers in online education within our country and at the same time be able to award both work and study opportunities to many people who need them.

Ben: What do you want for your nation?

David: For us to not remain stagnant given that this represents an enormous setback for our country. To combat this, we, as citizens, ought to offer up ideas which allow this kind of growth and although conditions are not so favorable, we wish to demonstrate to the youth that there are no impediments when one possesses determination.

The interview was conducted via Whatsapp, hence the lack of personal interjections and small comments one would see in a face to face, in-person style interview.

However, it is certainly fair to say that David Garcia and his team are involved in a most admirable grassroots project with this endeavour. I for one, wish them and their students the very best of luck and great prosperity.

It is simply wonderful to see young Hondurans actively pursuing and believing in a positive future for their beautiful nation.

The three pioneers of Do It Learning Center

Buena suerte muchachos.

Website link: https://www.doitlearningcenter.com/?fbclid=IwAR1XFAi3FlTi-aVftXowwPD1Wzoaa3N2W2acFLxrveluvkTCplU1Dggwu30

Link to Do It Learning Center FB page: https://www.facebook.com/doitlearningcenter/about/?ref=page_internal

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