Celebrating the life of a Honduran actor and producer.

By Ben Anson

Source: La Prensa.

The Honduran Industry of Cinematography confirmed last Friday (January 29th) that the actor, producer and businessman Felipe Zepeda passed away.

Hector Felipe Zepeda, center.

“We are profoundly sorry to announce that our friend and cinema enthusiast Hector Felipe Zeleda has passed away; he left a permanent print of service and dedication on every project that he executed. May God give strength to his family – another star rests in the sky.”

Honduran Industry of Cinematography

Other personalities in the Honduran cinema and television arena lamented the passing of their fellow actor who featured in films such as Cuatro catrachos en apuro, and La Mala Nova, el tesoro de la montaña maldita.

A film poster with Zepeda starring.

The medical reasons for his death are still unknown.

“I am distraught Hector, only last night we spoke and you told me that you were feeling better.”

Jimmy Tovar, Power FM

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