Honduran female sports clothes designer triumphs in USA.

By Ben Anson.

Source: Honduras Tips.

Gabriela Bandy, of only 26 years, is a true national pride, since she has managed to launch her first line of sportswear; thanks to the great fame rendered from her social media networks and avid passion for exercise. This young woman has arguably become an example of what the American dream represents.

Gabriela Bandy.

Thanks to the support that she has had from thousands of people, this Honduran woman was able to create her own online sportswear store; where she also launched her first sportswear collection by the name of the “Manifest Collection”. This was highly valued in the United States and upon seeing the results obtained from her first clothing line, she promptly decided to launch a second one: the “Empowered Collection”.

Gabriela has become a fine representative of perseverance. Thanks to all of her dedication and love for exercise, she has achieved many things. Amongst those, perhaps what stands out the most is her own online sportswear store, where she has been able to sell her clothing collections.

Bandy’s clothing for sportswomen.

Her store has been a great success since there are many people who follow her through her social networks – most of all her YouTube blog – with over 38,000 followers. All of her exercise tips are in high demand.

Gabriela also has her own application with exercise routines and diets. She decided to create an application to be able to teach some exercise routines to her followers; the application is called “Workouts By Gabriela”. She has recieved great acceptance by those from the public who want to lead a healthier life.

Gabriela came to the United States at the age of 11, being undocumented. She lived for many years without having the slightest idea that her life could change so much and that she could go on to enjoy such wonderful success.


Gaby’s YouTube channel .

Website: https://workoutsbygabriela.plankk.com/

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