Hurricane ETA strikes Honduras.

Since Sunday November 1st 2020, the heavy rains caused by the ominent hurricane ETA have begun to wreak havoc on the Caribbean coastline of this beautiful nation.

Images and videos taken by both citizens and news crews are showing terrible flooding within the neighborhoods of Tela and La Ceiba as well as chaos on the streets of El Progreso on account of an overflowing river Ulua.

A citizen captures the beaches of Puerto Cortes in their current state .

Other parts such as La Moskitia, Ramal del Tigre and even San Pedro Sula have been heavily affected by the torrential rains with vehicles left abandoned and swamped in filthy flood waters up to their windows.

On the Bay Islands they are preparing for the worst by suspending all cruise ship and fishing activity. The recommended measures have been taken thus far.

From 12.00pm onwards last Sunday authorities placed San Pedro Sula, Atlántida, Gracias a Dios, Yoro, Colon, Olancho and Las Islas de la Bahía under yellow alert with other departments and sectors such as Francisco Morazan, Siguatepeque, Comayagua and El Paraiso under green alert.

With winds due to be travelling at as tremendous a pace as 65 kilometers per hour, the hurricane appears as equally devastating as the former Basque terrorist organisation by the same name – ‘ETA’. An interesting coincedence that they should share these initials.

ETA is currently fast moving across the Caribbean with its end destination being the Central American coastline shared between Honduras and neighboring Nicaragua.

Experts state that as of noon last Sunday, the winds were moving at a terrifyingly close distance of 570 kilometers off the cape of Gracias a Dios. Damage is assured.

On hitting that part of the coast, experts have stated that the winds will reach a climax of 119 kilometers per hour… Hondurans fear a dreaded repeat of the 1998 Hurricane Mitch.

In not even the space of 24 hours the alert went from a number 1 to number 3 and now bordering number 4. The Caribbean coast is to be heavily struck and potentially devastated in parts before the western zones of the country are met with torrential storms.

It is almost beyond belief that this should occur during a postponed and rescheduled week of national holidays (La Semana Morazanica) after what has been such a hideous year – given the pandemic.

Hondurans put their faith in God…

Ben Anson asks where he is and just what he thinks he’s playing at.


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