Ignorance, stupidity or cowardice?

I warn you in advance dear reader, that this is going to be a long post. There is an awful lot to say.

This was the tweet posted by a one Doctor Hugo Fiallos, on July 16th 2020. He took the outrageous liberty of addressing Honduran youth, imploring the next generations of an entire nation to quite simply pack up and leave.

“Young people, at my 54 years in life I can give you a piece of advice that you will decide whether or not to take, but then do not say that nobody told you – you still have time. Get out of here. This is no longer a country. Countries no longer exist and you will be better anywhere else.” Utterly moronic statment, frighteningly moronic for a doctor – who has surely – studied – and is of some intelligent stature.

“Leave behind the notions of romanticism or patriotism, that was all fine when borders existed; today the world is a single village. Seek your own happiness, do not live for us – your parents. Parents never stop loving and we are happy if you are happy. “

“And even less must you sacrifice your life for an asshole or a fool (elegant), if they ask you not to leave, then they are an anchor and must be discarded, if they support you to improve and to improve yourself, then they are a motor. Find a partner who is a motor, not an anchor. Parents, don’t be selfish and let your children fly, they shouldn’t suffer in this country just because you need them. We already lived our life, in a less violent Honduras, but just as miserable, just as abandoned, just as looted. Is this really the country where you want your children to live? ”

“From Carias till now, how many generations have been waiting for the country to change? Three. And you believe that we have not fought? Of course we have fought, we have tried and we deserve better. Our children deserve better. And this, you won’t find here.”

Well… two things – quickly. I for one, am beyond fed up of hearing “woe is me – I’m Honduran” from pessimistic, and frankly ‘boring’ individuals who come from a country with pristine beaches on the Caribbean and Pacific coast, desert islands, natural riches, a laid-back lifestyle, beautiful women, an intriguing culture, wonderful cuisine and a noble, fun-loving yet hard-working populace. That, and I am utterly fed up of these sorts of people being given a platform on which to spout their negative nonsense and then all of those who agree with the said nonsense – when not a single one of them – has any idea about the rest of the World.

I was born in Greece. Actually, before I get into it, I would like to state that I never mention the following, for it is boastful and unnecessary at best, however it seems that the time has come. So – again, I was born in Athens, Greece. Up until the age of seven, I lived in Greece, Canada and Singapore. My parents – being British, took my brother and I to live in the UK when I was around seven – as stated. Therefore, I grew up in the UK, and over the years was fortunate enough to go on many family holidays and trips abroad. At as early as eighteen I chose to leave England; a place many Hondurans foolishly believe is wonderful based solely on the most ludicrous, such as having enjoyed watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix, the premier league and our royal family.

I have travelled to and even lived in some of following nations.

Greece. Turkey. Italy. Spain. France. Switzerland. Germany. Czech Republic. Hungary. Belgium. England. Singapore. Taiwan. Thailand. Indonesia. Canada. The USA. Belize. Cuba. Nicaragua. Costa Rica. El Salvador.

A British passport allows entry into a great many countries.

Why then, do I consistently choose Honduras – as a place to live?

Honduras is the best of all the places I’ve ever been to, without any shadow of a doubt. Call it personal opinion, which it most certainly is, yet take a swift look around this website of mine and tell me whether or not Honduras looks splendidly beautiful and interesting. I am sure that most – if not all – will agree with me.

Christ, I am sick of this chat. I really am. I’m sick of the ‘deranged’ individuals living in Tela, a gorgeous and utterly unique paradise on the Caribbean, telling me that they want to pack up and move to Belgium or Scotland. Are they taking the piss? Please see photos. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so instead of writing copious paragraphs I shall just say what I wish to with some photos.

“You will all be better anywhere else.” I honestly cannot believe that such a remark was made, it simply could not be anymore stupid. Anywhere else… Afghanistan. Syria. Liberia. The Congo. Kosovo. Albania. Moldova. Burkina Faso. Cuba. Haiti. Etc… Would Honduran youth be better off in these war-torn and desperately poor places? Of course not. An immediate flaw in his words.

Also, Hondurans are not granted entry into most nations, it is a terribly injust and difficult process to simply adquire a tourist visa for the average Honduran.

And let’s not even begin with their ‘favourite destinations’, such as the USA, Canada and Spain, where the best most can hope for are exploitive, low-paying jobs flipping burgers, carework, painting and decorating, construction or even strip-joints – for the young ladies.

What on earth does he think that unskilled, non-English speaking youth from a third world country are going to do worldwide? His incitement is dangerous, above all. Especially for a youth who are largely unread, terribly naive and with no idea about life abroad. A friend of mine from San Pedro, returned earlier this year from a trip to the UK and Spain. Just like all the other hard-headed, stubborn Hondurans that I speak to, he reckoned that he was going to just arrive in England, get a job and make great money.

Well, he came back just before the COVID outbreak telling tales of suffering and pity. He even managed to get into problems with black British delinquents on the streets of London. I had told him he would… I had told told him Europe was no walk in the park. But no! Hondurans know better than you do. Well, they honestly don’t.

The problem with Hondurans, as much as I love them, is that they have this peculiar belief that what happens here – happens nowhere else.

“There are so many gangs here.”

There are gangs everywhere. In rough, deprived areas.

“There is so much poverty here.”

There is poverty everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. What Hondurans need to understand is that the cost of living is higher in developed nations. Yes, the salaries sound wonderful converted into Honduran Lempiras, but try living on a thousand or eight hundred euros a month in Spain. I assure you that you will not be buying a car, a house, a motorbike – a jetski – a pet tiger, like you all tell me you will.

Instead, you will be sharing an apartment with five others. Working a menial job.

“There is much corruption here!”

If a poster has had to be made, then there is a great deal more corruption than you’d think – even in the United Kingdom.

Now that we have established that gangs, poverty and corruption exist in all nations to a certain extent, perhaps we could move on.

Honduras does face its challenges. Yes, the president Juan Orlando Hernandez is a terrible human being – yet have Hondurans done anything to get rid of him? They block the highways occasionally and mess up everyone’s travel, the food vans etc., and then wonder why the national police get agressive… This is as good as it gets. Hondurans have barely lifted a finger to oust the unpopular president.

If their neighbor El Salvador was able to obtain a popular and honorable president in Nayib Bukele then there is no reason why Honduras cannot. El Salvador even went through a civil war from 1980 to 1992.

Hondurans, if they were to be truthful, would tell you that they only go to the US and Europe because they wish to adquire material possessions, which can be harder to gain in Honduras. Sadly, a great many Hondurans believe that life is all about buying a car, wearing a big watch, Nike trainers, a chain, buying a house and having children left, right and center.

Debate me, you cannot.

This doctor, must make around 30,000 plus in Honduran Lempiras – a month. Okay, this may only be over 1,000 Euros or British Pounds but let’s have a quick look at something.

Two bedroom apartment with garage, balcony, bathroom, kitchen, main room, patio etc. Between 3,000 to 5,000 Lempiras a month (rent).

Food bill for a month. Let’s say about 3,000 Lempiras.

Electricity and Wifi. Again, let’s say another 2,000 for argument’s sake.

Rent, bills and food. Total spent. Let’s give the most expensive example for rent – 5,000 Lempiras.

30,000 – 5,000 – 3,000 – 2,000 = 20,000 Lempiras.

20,000 Lempiras (800 US Dollars or so) to do whatever he pleases with.

Now, let’s see how far a thousand Euros gets you in Spain.

Same apartment, in Madrid for instance.

Price: 1000 euros upwards.

Well… I guess we’ll just stop there then.

The doctor is doing absolutely fine in his own country.

If he was from a disadvantaged family, living on the poverty line, a victim of abuse in his upbringing with no education, no assistance and nothing to lose – then one could understand his opinion. Yet he isn’t… so shut your face, you bitter, ridiculous old man.

As soon as Hondurans start to value what they have and as soon as people here begin to work collectively towards a better future for this nation – good things will come.

Most Hondurans I know, wouldn’t last six months living the harsh reality of Europe.

I have bored myself now, I shan’t go on. I think some points have been made.

Leave Honduras?

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Young writer with a passion for Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

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