Photo shoot in Costa Rica.

Upon my third trip to Costa Rica (September 2019), a nation famed for its natural beauty, I had set out with the intention of practicing my photography skills.

The first scenes that I decided to capture, were those viewed around a gigantic lake, which – unfortunately, I haven’t a clear idea as to its name nor its precise location. During the extensive coach journey, we passed this area up on our way to the capital San Jose. I include below, the snaps that I was able to take hastily whilst aboard the moving vehicle. I believe however, that we had come upon the Lake Arenal zone. Having studied various maps of the region, its appears that this is in fact the only major lake within the north of Costa Rica.

The second place that I chose to take photos of, was upon a simple hill; a green zone blessed with elegant trees overlooking the illuminated valley down below – and placed behind the US Embassy in San Jose. I had been staying at a nearby hotel, in what was indeed a very affluent area within the capital’s outskirts. Impressive, modern houses – worth millions without any doubt, covered this neighborhood, amidst pretty green spaces laden with children’s playgrounds and sports courts.

Published by Ben Anson

Young writer with a passion for Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

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