Animals of Honduras

The following gallery shall provide a glimpse of some of the most prized and celebrated wildlife encountered within the nation of Honduras. The flora and fauna of Honduras represents the country’s geographical position, for this a nation submerged in the heart of the tropics. Diverse species of plants and animals have adapted here yet tragically, some of them are now at peril due to being classified as ‘in danger of extinction’. This has forced the Honduran government and nature groups to clamp down on the protection of the environments here – mostly via the creation of nature reserves.

A list of nature reserves and their information can be found here:–nature-reserves


  1. Howler Monkey
  2. Baird’s Tapir (endangered)
  3. Jaguar (endangered)
  4. Coyote
  5. Macaw. La Guara Roja/ Guacamaya. National Bird of Honduras
  6. Armadillo
  7. Racoon
  8. Possum
  9. Puma/Mountain Lion
  10. A 1968 stamp portraying a Puma from ‘British Honduras’ – now Belize
  11. White Tailed Deer. National Animal of Honduras. Main prey of the Puma
  12. The largest Puma caught on camera in Honduras
  13. La Barba Amarilla serpent
  14. Iguana
  15. Spider Monkey
  16. Honduran stamp portraying a Spider Monkey
  17. Crocodile
  18. A large Crocodile caught and released in Omoa, Honduras
  19. Bats. Honduras contains over 15 species of bat
  20. White Faced Capuchin Monkey
Short discussion on Honduran Jaguars in Pico Bonito:
The elusive Jaguar captured on camera.
A short video on the national bird of Honduras.
University students discuss their preservation efforts of the Tapir – in Spanish.

The following link shows a huge, lost Crocodile washed up on a beach in Omoa, Honduras:

This link takes you to the website of a wonderful organisation fighting to protect Jaguars and other wildlife – they have been most prolific in Honduras.

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