Secluded beach walk.

Having decided to explore the vast section of beach, which lies beyond a shallow river next to Tela’s Capitán Beach Hotel, I – as usual, carried my trusty iPad within a rucksack. 

Capitán Beach Hotel.

The iPad, captured many clear, sunlit photos. Tela’s palm-tree-laden coastline, complete with its shining golden sands and a light blue Caribbean Sea – demanded photo-taking.

Fisherman’s boats pulled up on shore.

Drenched in sea water, this tree stump lay lethargically in the incoming tide. Small fish could be seen escaping from underneath it. They darted around wildly; a burning sun piercing the water’s surface.

Tree stump in the shallows.

Turning sideways upon reaching this larger, fallen section of Palm tree, I could view the towering mountains stood over in the far distance. They surround the glorious Caribbean city of Tela. I contemplate how blessed I am to be able to call this wonderful place my home. 

Mountains in the distance.

After patrolling the wide, empty beach, I pottered into the bush. Home to many birds that wallow and paddle through the shallows, one should always keep an eye out for nasty red ants or worse – the snakes, which here in the Tropics are venomous – more often than not. 

Tropical swamps.
Palm plantations.
La Barba Amarilla. A feared, highly-venemous species.


This was composed in 2017 for a photography blog, that I managed.

Published by Ben Anson

Young writer with a passion for Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

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