Costa Rican Charm.

We stand upon the beach. My companion and I. Completely caught by the scenery, not a word is exchanged. Rapid photo taking ensues. Releasing my Apple iPad mini from a satchel, I immediately set about capturing the densely forested hills and deep blue, Pacific waters out beyond. ‘Coco’ boasts some spectacular beaches. This relatively large, heavily North American tourist town sits within a bay in Northeastern Costa Rica.

Coco beach.

Moving further along the beach, I notice Ticos (the nickname for Costa Ricans) making bonfires for their evening ahead. US tourists/permanent residents potter along in tranquility. We – at this point, pause to capture more of this stunning location.

Costa Rica, a Central American nation famed for its natural beauty, offers an excellent example of this upon Coco’s beaches. Pleasant smells, which blow down from the many trees, a soft incoming splash of waves and a comfortably warm temperature place the traveller in a zone of harmony.

My companion, a Pennsylvania gal, now lives full time in Coco. When not on the beach, she finds employment in a truly fascinating Tribal Art gallery in the centre of town. On my last visit, she invited me to an exhibition. The Rojas Brothers are two men who belong to the Buruka people. The Buruka hail from southern Costa Rica, yet are famed nationwide amongst history and culture enthusiasts for their utterly intriguing masks. Handmade from a variety of materials, the Spanish Conquistadors encountered swaths of fearless Buruka warriors – all adorning these masks. The tradition is maintained by the Rojas brothers gallery.

Boruca tribal masks.
Boruca short documentary.


This was written as part of a diary I kept back in 2016.

I understand that the gallery is not there anymore. It was closed, I last heard. From what I have pieced together, the two brothers took their business back to the south – where they hail from.

This link is the best that I can offer to anyone further interested:

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