Central America Tours.

After stopping for a coffee with my best friend, one Edward Padilla – a thorough character, he told me all about his brilliant weekend in Nicaragua. Edward and his group conducted a tour, which took them from across the Honduras/Nicaragua frontier and all the way down to the grand, historical cities of Leon and Granada.

Volcanoes, outside of Leon – being their main attraction.

He completely recommends the experience and is set to be visiting Costa Rica with the very same tour operators who are based out of La Ceiba, Honduras. I shall have to try and adjoin myself to the next venture if at all possible.

Leon and Granada are more colonial than Managua, two favourite international backpacker destinations. As I write this, I realise that I will have to include an article on San Juan Del Sur – a marvellous coastal town on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. That’ll feature soon.

For the meantime, I shall include the exceptional photos taken by the bold, young Edward and place the contact info of this highly recommended Honduran tour company down below. Unfortunately, he barely took any snaps during his night out in Granada yet photos and information can be encountered on the organisation’s website down below.

El Cerro Negro. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerro_Negro

Leon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le%C3%B3n,_Nicaragua

Contact information for tour operators – Honduhost.

Tours throughout Central America, bus rentals from 11 to 45 passengers.

Address: 6 Calle, La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras.

Email: info@honduhost.com

Website: http://www.honduhost.com/tours/

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