Birds of Honduras with Frank Rovelo.

Another close and cherished friend of mine is the courageous Francisco Rovelo; an extremely intelligent and talented young man from the capital Tegucigalpa, who can play the guitar and sing you the rock song of your choice before telling you in either English or Spanish about any bird that you care to mention.

A seasoned and professional birdwatcher, Francisco is passionate about protecting and celebrating nature, conducting tours for those of any age across the nation. From the intrepid and unexplored jungles of La Mosquitia to the grand mountains of western Honduras – Frank will go after any species in any terrain.

Francisco Rovelo in his natural habitat.

We have compiled a gallery of some of our favourite photos, which capture various bird species to be found across Honduras. From glorious birds of prey to tiny hummingbirds, this nation boats a fascinating and utterly exquisite array for the keen ornithologist and bird watcher.

A ‘Honduras Is Great’ video.

For anybody wishing to contact Francisco, please go to my contact page at the bottom. Email me stating your interest in Honduras birdwatching and I will happily furnish you with his contact details.

Published by Ben Anson

Young writer with a passion for Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

3 thoughts on “Birds of Honduras with Frank Rovelo.

  1. Magnificent! Blessed with such natural beauty.
    All too often our opinions are shaped or marred by bad press and sadly, Honduras gets its share. Thanks to you and Francisco – please, keep it coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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