Sambo Creek.

Sambo Creek, a warm, inviting and entirely traditional Garifuna settlement placed about 15 kilometres (9 miles) east of the large, steamy city of La Ceiba – is a gorgeous Caribbean hideaway. Holding their annual fair in June, Sambo Creek boasts the largest Garifuna population within Honduras and is something of a celebrated place for these admirable people.

Trips to the Cayos Cochinos are organised from this area. Versatile and sturdy wooden speedboats (lanchas) transport visitors across the choppy. deep blue stretch of ocean lying between the white beaches of Sambo and the wonders of Los Cayos Cochinos.

Guided tours from Sambo Creek to Los Cayos.

A very good friend of mine, who once did me a huge favour that I confess I’ve yet to repay, happens to be an extremely popular local tour guide – within Atlantida department. Roberto Brasley, a native of the disorderly yet picturesque coastal town of El Porvenir, operates within the area – taking visitors to Los Cayos. His clients, hail from as far as Japan to the United Kingdom. Roberto is bilingual in English and Spanish and possesses an infectious sense of humor. For any reader interested in Los Cayos Cochinos – they can go from Sambo Creek – accompanied by the bold Roberto.

He is a most recommendable guide – full of knowledge, amiable and very professional. I hereby include his details and some photos that he’s kindly provided me with – below. For anyone wishing to visit these paradises – Roberto Brasley is your ‘go to guy’.

Robert Brasley @ ‘Brasley Tours’.

Phone number: (+504) 8779 2808)


Continuing with Sambo Creek.

I recall from my last trip there, that the ride to Sambo was quite something. A group of international NGO volunteers, we all climbed into the back of our manager’s pickup truck and ‘rode rough’ –  Central American style. This being something like ten people with an inch of space per person. It had been too long since I had done this during my first time in Honduras so I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Despite the undeniable fact that it gets terribly uncomfortable. We were taken to spend the day at a beach-side hotel with a large restaurant and bar – Canadian owned.

Piled on.
More gringos than you could ‘shake a stick at’. Ben Anson standing, far left.

Music and sports in Sambo Creek.

A big party song within Honduras. Straight out of Sambo Creek. ‘Raspando El Coco’.
Milton Núñez. Honduran ex-footballer. Sambo Creek native.

Perhaps the most celebrated of all sportsmen to come out of Sambo Creek, Milton made it as far as the Premier League in England.

To conclude.

A fascinating beach community filled to the brim with culture and blessed with outstanding natural beauty, Sambo Creek is an undoubted Honduran gem.

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