Desert island village.

Google Drive, pleasantly surprised me, as I stumbled across some old photos. I had completely forgotten about having stored so many. These particular ones, were taken a few years ago as I explored the Garifuna island communities of the Cayos Cochinos. Please see a previous article covering this utterly resplendant paradise:

These following photos provide a wonderful insight into the untouched, traditional and perhaps – rather enviable – Garifuna islander way of life.

Fisherman’s dinghies.
Traditional homes.
Tropical jungle.
A ‘peculiar’ selfie of Ben Anson. Guess I liked the wattle and daub walling…
The island in the far distance is viewed as being a turtle – due to its shell-like hump.
Neatly attended bushes.
Mother Nature at her finest.
A Pink Boa unique to the Cayos Cochinos. Photo Pablo Bedrossian.

For those further interested in these fascinating reptiles; quite unique to the Cayos, I include a link below to an excellent blog post. The credits (including above photo) go to Pablo Bedrossian. His page contains some great close-up videos of the Pink Boa:

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