Pico Bonito.

I came across these old photos and instantly thought they might fit well on the blog; given that they perfectly exhibit the natural beauty of Honduras. These were taken whilst we (a group of international volunteers and I), hiked the Pico Bonito national park. A truly captivating series of waterfalls were encountered during our trek. Such places (as one can see in the photos) are sources of economic value – bringing in many a visitor from afar. As Honduran licence plates say: ‘cuidemos los bosques’ or ‘we look after/care for the forests’.

Pico Bonito National Park lies within the northern zone of Honduras, deep within a mountain range named Cordillera Nombre de Dios – located in the municipality of El Porvenir. It is to be encountered on the outskirts of the large, rowdy Caribbean city of La Ceiba. These mountains form part of the Mesoamerican biological corridor.

Expanding over a surface area of 1,073 square kilometres – it is quite vast.

A protected space, the area is the responsibility of the Pico Bonito National Park Foundation (FUPNAPIB), a non-profit non-governmental organization managing the zone.

Projects and programmes are run by various groups aiming to mitigate the negative effects of climate change by providing local communities with the training and also employment opportunities in the areas of resforestation and agroforestry.

It is an area most popular amongst those who enjoy birdwatching, rafting, kayaking and hiking, with a number of tour operators offering transportation, tours and lodging. Please see link below:


Signs at the park entrance.
Deep in the bush.
Pico Bonito mountains in the far distance.
Highest point of Pico Bonito in background.
Anti-hunting sign. “We have families too.”
Famous snap of an adult, male Jaguar in Pico Bonito. Flickr. Panthera society.

Note on article: Written in 2016 after my return to Honduras.

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