Lempira Times


“The greatness of a nation is not measured by the extension of its territory – yet by the dignity and honor of its children.” Francisco Morazan.

Punta Sal, Bay of Tela.

Immense Natural Beauty.

From crocodile-filled lagoons, surrounded by pristine tropical forests to the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines as well as magnificent pine-laden mountains, Honduras boasts unique natural diversity.

Steeped in History.

Copan, the world’s most ancient Mayan ruins.

Intriguing Culture.

Indigenous groups, historic locations, wildlife, exquisite cuisine and much more.

What People Say.

“Young man, I am impressed by your writings full of interesting anecdotes, spirituality and wisdom. Keep delighting us with them.” Pedro Pablo Morej√≥n

So much more than poverty, corruption, gangs and drugs trafficking

A nation unfairly and solely portrayed by western media as a gang-ridden, poverty-stricken hell-hole good for only drugs trafficking and corrupt activity. An image, which could not be further from the truth.

Lenca warriors

The descendants of national hero ‘Lempira’ still celebrate their Lenca heritage.

Discover Honduras

A nation the size of Tennessee state nestled within Central America’s heart.


Indulge in the famous, tasty tortilla wraps popular throughout the nation.

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